Aug 2, 2014

Brilliant, Perceptive Genius Of Below Ground Level ... "Filthy Lucre"

Common Sense Commentary: Below are two paragraphs worth a truckload of money but not a speck of eternal reward. The opposite of above ground level (all things spiritual) is all things physical (below ground level) including economics and money. Here is one of the best summations of the later, I have ever read, from a brilliant word master who's Message Board handle is Kilowatt8.  RB

Gold/Silver vs paper is one of the 'strongest long-term trends on earth.'
 The pattern is destined to complete, not because it is really nice and pretty, but because the underlying structural drivers cannot be escaped.   The credit cycle cannot be denied.  Credit expansion is de facto, even as credit quality goes into nose dive decline, no longer supported by real growth or factors economic....  credit for credit's sake is no consolation.
Rampant credit, on command, may be a powerful tool.... for masking reality, long enough to clean out the desk and foist the dilemma on the next set of delusional world improvers...  But alas, capital itself can't be printed, and the cold reality of insolvency patiently lays in wait for the euphoria to dissipate...  and the secular trend of gold vs irredeemable IOUs to reassert. Kilowatt8.

Kilowatt8's commentary is, of course, not in the heavenly realm of spiritual revelation but does line-up with history, true economics, real money (not paper) and a prediction of monetary inevitability. Watch it happen; It will. I admire Kilowatt8's commentary as I admire secular talent, intelligence and accomplishment. RB

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