Aug 6, 2014

How Much Is US Immigration Policy Helping The Poor, Impoverished Of The World?

Common Sense Commentary: This is a reasonable question with an astonishing but revealing, factual answer. The simple answer is, we are not helping them, we are hindering them and committing national suicide in the process. We already have a huge shortage of jobs and a mammoth overload of welfare recipients. Our schools, hospitals and human services are all bursting at the seams. The world population is approximately 7,200.50 Million.The U.S. has a population of approximately 318.43 Million which is about 4.4% of the world population.  If you will watch this video, you will see the impossibility of the U.S. helping world poverty by immigrating them here. We can best help them where they are, but with our $17.5 trillion federal debt and $100 trillion federal, unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., we do not have any money above or below bankruptcy with which to solve that problem. We are already in a $117.5 trillion dollar black hole of debt we cannot pay. Please watch this video. RB

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