Aug 27, 2014

Say What You Will, No Repetitive Chorus Blesses A Christian Soul Like The Great Old Hymns

Common Sense Commentary: There are a few old hymns which have words and phrases even a Doctor of Theology can't understand; but they are few. The great old hymns we older Christians have sung, in church and out, all of our lives, all have a golden message and a silver melody. Those are the ones you will find yourself singing when you or a loved one is dying. And they are also the ones which will outlast and still be sung by Christians when these new 10,000 choruses, with six words repeated twelve times, have long been forgotten like yellow polyester suits. Too many of these hollow but cute little jingles sung in church are like rap or hip hop in a bar. You have to drunk or stupid to like them. You seldom hear those great old hymns anymore, even in Fundamental, Independent Baptist Churches, but those old hymns lie quietly in old song books, in the closet, awaiting spiritual hunger and hard times. When the economy crashes, businesses go bankrupt, there is rioting in the streets, food stamps and welfare stop, and people are really suffering and hungry, that tiddledie winks little plastic chorus just ain't going to satisfy your soul or comfort your mind. The Old Rugged Cross is going to resurrect from that dusty old hymnal and be sweet to your ears and dry spirit. Listen to this great old hymn and let your born again self tell you how it compares with most of the miniature songs you hear in most churches these days.

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