Aug 19, 2014

The Verse You Have Never Heard Of The Star Spangled Banner

Common Sense Commentary: It was sung by a retired Marine, at a Tea Party gathering. He wanted to illustrate what America has left out of the education and training of our young people. This video testifies to four facts. 1. America has blindly allowed at least half of the "glorious" principles, upon which this country was built, to be abandoned.  2. Our Star Spangled Banner, Old Glory, has been stripped of that old glory and most Americans have no idea what its "old glory" even is. 3. The resounding applause and cheers, by 100% of those Tea Partiers, following that Marine's singing of our National Anthem, proves what kind of Americans the Tea Party is composed of. 4. It also proves that the Major News Media is putting out lying propaganda against the Tea Party. They are true, level headed, honest, American patriots, not a bunch of crazies as the Media portrays. RB

Here is both verses as sung by an old Marine which exalts the Old Glory of "Christian America". RB

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