Aug 4, 2014

Narcissistic EgoManiacs: They Too Walk Among Us With Their "Cousins" ... Scoiopaths

Common Sense Commentary: There are enough Narcissists in the world, that everyone surely knows one or more of them but probably doesn't realize it because the narcissist and egomaniac know how to appear to be normal people. They cannot hide, however, all of the traits of a Narcissistic EgoManiac. Learn to identify them but be careful in your dealings with them. They can be dangerous. And don't go to seed on identifying them, and tend to suspect every type "A" person you know.  I am sure I have known several, at least, Narcissists and EgoManiacs in my 83 years. Probably the positions where they are most likely to be found are Politics, Religion, Media, CEOs, Law Enforcement and anywhere else great power is exercised.  Power would include control of people, money and social planning.  The only possibility of change in such people is, as with sociopaths, a miracle of God in their spiritual redemption, which, I think, is rare if ever. The barrier is true repentance where there is no feeling of guilt. RB

This video, on the subject, is quite long but very informative from a psychological viewpoint.

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