Aug 31, 2014

Foreign Islamic Extreemists Encouraged By US To Infiltrate Native American Tribe On Arizona/Mexican Border

Common Sense Commentary: In my recent Blog on "Terrorists On Our Southern Border" I included an article from Judicial Watch confirming the fact and alerting America of the danger. That article was sent to me by a fellow blogger, Elaine Merritt, who was a member of the church I pastored in Tallahassee, FL for 30 years. Elaine is retired from high office and is still involved in political education via her Blog. In my Blog, mentioned above, I suggested that the Muslim Terrorists entering our Southern border could very well be in co-operation with Mexican drug runners. This morning, I received an email from Elaine informing me of another Islamic conspiracy on our southern border. This one gives Muslims a wide open entry directly onto a Native American Reservation on Arizona's border with Mexico. As you know, Native American Tribes have their own law enforcement networks totally separate from the State or Federal Agencies. The Muslims are there, recruiting converts and doing business between this tribe and Turkey, a Muslim nation.
The facts about this Muslim/Native American union is in the latter part of the article from American Minute's Bill Federer.  Here is the email I received from Elaine this morning ...

Pastor Blair,
Thanks for using the article in your blog.  Since I found the article by Judicial Watch, I have since found another interesting read that, in my opinion, ties together with Judicial Watch's alert.  The average person is not aware of an American Indian Tribe closely connected with ISIS and that provides them with accommodations not accessible to local law enforcement--tribes have their own law enforcement.  The link I am listing provides a lengthy education and at the bottom it mentions Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who is reportedly positioning himself to be considered as the caliph of the reemerging Islamic Caliphate, involvement with American Indian reservations, particularly the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation, located in southwestern and central Arizona. 

The first link is an identification of the Indian Tribe's location etc.
The second link is the article I mentioned above from American Minute. RB

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