Aug 9, 2014

Nine Headlines Reflecting The Consequences Of U.S. Open Borders

Common Sense Commentary: These Nine News Headlines were stacked one over the other and pretty well tell the story of the results of Obama's open borders policy ...... and Congresses cowardly acquiescence

Border Patrol Agent: 'These People are Coming Here to do Horrible Things'... (Speaking of Gang members & Criminals among them)

Mother of slain agent: 'I will not rest'... UNIVISION POLL: Immigration Low Priority for Latino Voters...
(Murder means nothing to these Mexican gang members and criminals) 
(Ethnic Spanish citizens already here are losing interest because of the backlash)

DREAMers vow confrontations...(The attitude of Illegal aliens supposedly seeking the "American Dream" is to force the issue by confrontations). 

REPORT: New migrants entering public school system to cost Texas taxpayers $45M.... (This story relates to just the State of Texas. Every other state in the U.S. faces the same expense and that is just for schools)

Feds Bend CDC Rules, Allow Sick Illegals to Stay...(When they say, "Bend CDC Rules", they mean "BREAK THE LAW" as is the habit of the Obama Administration.

Cartels Using Children as 'Shields'... (Such people are not just Illegal aliens; They are devilish criminals)

Sheriff: Mexican immigrant gangs 'in military fatigues' marching through south TX... (Can you believe what our President is doing and Congress is tolerating?)

El Salvador murder suspect arrested in CA... (And how did he get there? He simply walked across the border)

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Hits New Record...(You cannot blame Americans for flooding out of the U.S. to other, more free countries, when our government allows hundreds of thousand of illegal aliens to flood in and increase our taxes, overload our schools, expand every other state and federal welfare program, take scarce jobs, increase our crime problems, and drive up our already huge indebtedness. I would leave too if I were not so old.

This problem is not compassion or generosity of even insanity .... it is clearly, as are other Obama actions, the planned destruction of American power, freedom, international influence and the free enterprise system of government ... in favor of a socialistic system as a world standard. Obama, though probably not the Anti-Christ, is the stalking horse for him. RB

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