Aug 22, 2014

Tomorrow's Cure For Today's Obesity Is Hunger

Common Sense Commentary: For whatsoever a nation sows, that shall it also reap.

If you are so put off at the money grubbing, greedy methods now employed by the companies you deal with on the phone these days, you haven't seen anything yet. The reason your cell phone, land line, Internet, TV, auto mechanic etc etc companies feel forced to squeeze more money out of you is because their suppliers are doing the same to them. Our failing free enterprise system is not because of capitalism or the American way, it is because our government leaders have allowed mentally deficient "experts" to undermine Free Enterprise, which has always worked, for their idea of "a better method" ... bigger government and socialism which has never worked.

Our government has put itself between a rock and a hard place. It is in a vice like squeeze between gargantuan debt and an unsustainable, near zero interest rate which is about to leap out of its rigged restraint and force them to reinvent another new name for Quantitative Easing (massive money printing).

Politicians created this mess in the national kitchen sink and have let the kitchen get so deep in rancid rotting grease that letting it explode and burn is their only option ... now. It cannot simply "be fixed". Since the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency of the world, we have not only abused our own resulting wealth, but have influenced the rest of the world down the same prim-rose path which has led us into a financial and moral abyss of terminal addiction to free everything from government.

Not only that, but all businesses are now feeling forced to look for lower costs from suppliers off shore, and are thereby causing more jobs lost here in the U.S. The rising costs of food are not because your grocer just decided to increase prices to make more money. His own prices for that supply of food are being raised on him. He can't stay in business if he doesn't pass the increase on to you and me. It is the government induced, failing American Free Enterprise System that has caused the problem.

What's happening in Ferguson, Missouri is not "all" about a cop shooting a young black man who was beating him up. There is a fever pitch developing in the most affected communities of our country because of a great loss of jobs, higher food, gas and other costs. The problem, created by our promiscuous, Liberal government, is getting out of hand and feeding upon itself.

One of the next shoes to fall will be, as the Fed tries to end "Quantitative Easing" (excessive money printing) which will cause interest rates to rise. The explosive reaction will be like trying to get a drug addict to kick his habit. In his foggy mind, that's like asking him to stop breathing. Kicking his mother, wife or the police is easier than kicking his drug addiction.

The Charlie McCarthy news media has mouthed the words of our Edgar Bergen government with a steady stream of false statistics, economic propaganda, free gov. money and a train load of other free stuff ... which has addicted the whole nation to a constant higher high.

Well folks, the only cure for today's free stuff drug high is tomorrow's cut-off of the "dope" supply.
Like I said in my title, "Tomorrow's Cure For Today's Obesity Is Hunger" and hunger drives average people to desperate actions to stay alive ... or doped up ... which ever hurts worse. RB

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