Aug 23, 2014

To All Muslims & Atheistic Communists: Compare This Angel With Mecca & North Korea

Common Sense Commentary: You guys can argue against God, Christianity, Freedom and the American dream till you are blue in the face. You can undermine, lie and kill till you are knee deep in blood. Yes, your anti Christian war on us, our Bible, our Churches and, our Great God will, briefly, put your heresy and your anti-Christ on the World's Throne. But, for your eternal soul's sake, compare this little human angel, a Christian and a South Korean, with Mecca or North Korea. In 1950/51, as a Marine, I fought in North and South Korea. I saw hundreds of innocent South Koreans, hand tied behind them, shot in the back of the head, rotting in ditches on the road from South to North Korea. Because we went to South Korea's aid, when they were attacked by the North Korean atheistic Communists, and drove them back into North Korea, and saved their nation, they are now a great nation and have since become 25% professing Christians. Some of the largest Christian Churches in the world are in South Korea.  Here is the product of Christian Faith, Freedom, Love, The Holy Bible and Christian people who took the Gospel of Christ to the South Koreans. Compare this little Christian girl with what your false god and false doctrine produces... hate, beheadings, terrorism, broken lives and mass death. RB


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